Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting Over and Getting Better

Having to start over in more ways than one this week and I'm doing things better and easier. My latest discovery of things that have gone awry is my mailing list. When the computer crashed, I lost the hundreds of emails I had collected at shows!

And while I spent the better part of yesterday trying to figure out if I can salvage any files... I can't... there comes a resolute stillness about starting over. How can I make it better? Since this only affects me - not customers, not would-be customers, what do I really want?

I never liked that my Bravenet allowed advertising in my newsletters so I've switched to Mailchimp.  It's much easier to keep track of all subscribers in one place and I won't run the risk of losing them again. One more thing to make my life easier.

If you were on the old list, please sign up again below... I don't mention newsletters here but I do post them to my fan page.

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There's a special on this guy for the fans only but if it doesn't sell today, I'll tell you about it tomorrow:

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