Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Artfire Like Button

Any Artfire users out there remember about a year ago when the handmade storefront installed "Like" buttons on every single item? (Maybe it was only pro shops...)

Anyway, they put like buttons on stuff so our items would appear on users' Facebook feeds when someone liked our stuff. And my glass bead marketing team got the bright idea we should all go around liking each other's stuff.

I don't know if the programming glitch was Artfire's or Facebook's fault...but I'm pointing the finger of shame at Facebook. Instead of treating these incoming likes as a wall post, Facebook created pages for each and every like.

This throwing out and starting over phase I'm in has led me to analyze all my liked pages. I'm tired of supporting artists who don't return the favor. In the process of cleaning out those pages, I discovered all the pages / items I ever liked on Artfire! Hundreds of them!

Did you know that Facebook only allows you 5000 "relationships" as a person (You can have unlimited ones on a Page...but not as a person)? You can only like a combination of 5000 people and pages MAX.... EVER! See the problem???

Since Artfire has removed the like button... you can't simply go to the items and unlike. Add in the problem that many of those items have long since sold which takes you to the seller's shop page or - even worse - a static white page!

Despite sending out pleas for help on Facebook... yeah, like that'll ever happen... it was Artfire that came to the rescue!

Caleb, Artfire SEO Director, taught me a great quick fix... that allowed me weed out all my Facebook pages in one fell swoop!  Here's Caleb's Fix - Just in case you have some "weeding" to do:

Log in to facebook. Click "edit my profile" on the left side next to your profile picture. Click "activities and interests" found on the left side again. Click the "show other pages" link in the bottom middle of the page. From there you should be able to remove liked pages from your profile without having to visit the pages.

I do love to support jewelry artists and other bead makers. If you like my page and want me to like yours... just post or send me a message! 

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