Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Still about MEEEeee!

I'm still uploading content as fast as I can to the new site and... I almost forgot to blog today!

I had two more articles about me (ME, ME MEEEEeeee!) get published over the weekend. Whooo Hooo... (I may not have a lot of sales but at least somebody seems to like me! LOL!)

I mentioned writing for the new, Timothy Adam handmade site called Handmade Spark. [ My articles are HERE.]

But... Emily, one of the writers there, did a profile on moi! You can look for more articles on the Handmade Spark writers from Emily in the future...they are an interesting bunch!

Emily, an Aussie, loves to sew and makes critters! (Her shop is on vacay while she moves from Hong Kong to Seoul but check it out in a few weeks!)

And...that's not all! Andrea W of Andrea W Designs featured me on her blog! Andrea is a fabulously talented knitter!

Now enough of ME! (If I'm sick of me, surely YOU must be too!) I promise, something beady tomorrow!

And how are YOU??? Seriously! I want to know!!!

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ocmist said...

Looks like things are looking up in the world for you! Congratulations!