Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glassy Stuff - Here's L@@king at You!

O.K. I promised glassy goodness today and I'm here to deliver...just not my own! LOL!
Truth be told, between my elbow / fingers being numb and the time consuming new website project, I'm just not torching as much as I would like.

So let's look at some beads I like to look at...only these beauties are looking right back!

My fellow Fire Diva Janel is always working with high silver glasses and gets stunning results but her hand - pulled eyeball murrini's are a thing of wonder! I've seen them in person and WOW!

This beauty is up for grabs in her Etsy Shop:

This necklace is in a customer's private collection, but... I'm sure you could talk Janel into making another! Isn't it amazing???

And finally, Janel is giving one away over on her blog... tomorrow! Go! Check it out!!!


JanelDudleyBeads said...

Holly you are a darling! Thank you so much!

ocmist said...

I've never seen anything like the things on your blog! They are all so beautiful!!!