Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's about MEEEEeeee!*

My left arm is completely numb... I've been on the computer too much and I've decided... I do weird things to my left arm. More on that on Creekhiker later.

But that means today's post (and the two others I have yet to write) have to be brief!

So I thought I'd send you blog hopping for more scintillating content than I can provide here, today!

I've been writing for the new, Timothy Adam handmade site called Handmade Spark. LOTS of good info about selling there! My articles are HERE.

Some of you know I also write for the Art Bead Scene's Blog Carnival. The third round of posts are officially up - all about Anticipation. Check them out... all inspiring!

My fellow Fire Diva Lea of LAJewelryDesign wrote an article about me for her blog.

And finally, there is a tax day sale on HollysFolly and my Artfire. 10.40% off and Fan page members get free shipping!

*When my BFF was the hottest karaoke act in Los Angeles, she once had a customer sign up and then repeatedly come to the sound board, whining, "When's it gonna be MEEEEeeee?" She was dead serious! Whenever we get a bit full of ourselves or self centered, the BFF and I look at each other and whine, "It's about MEEEeee!!!" Forgive me!

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Kaylie said...

I just wanted to say that I love your work! I have just found your blog and will be following it alot! I love what you make, Its gorgeous!

Kaylie x