Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting an Eye for Style with the Fire Divas

I thought it would be fun to talk about lampwork styles and take stroll through the recent entries and winners from the Fire Divas Bead Challenge.

Does your favorite lampworker have a style??? I would say that most do. I also feel that I don't... Or I don't have "enough" of one. I'm always fascinated by techniques and my curious mind always needs to explore and stretch. And in many ways I feel this holds me back as an artist. My customers never know what they are going to find and some days I feel like I could be more successful if I just sat down and made cute little sets... And honestly, I would rather drop dead than make myself do something I don't "feel." Stubborn? Yes!

Back to the bead challenge. The Divas do monthly bead challenges for several reasons. A theme allows us to stretch and think outside of the realm of our normal beadmaking. Hosting the voting on our blog exposes all our work to more viewers and hopefully picks up more interest in our blog and what we do as a team or individuals.

Our winner Debbi Homola is a newer Diva and I'm still learning her style and I must say, I couldn't guess who made this bead. I know my Divas work so well, that most months I can guess. But some months, we all stretch and grow and I can't begin to guess them all! Debbi's style is often cased and very colorful... but from what I've seen of her work... I would've never picked this as hers. And this beauty has already found a home...

Entry 3

In second place, we have a pendant by Amy of Two Glassy Ladies. If you peruse Amy's Etsy or her Two Glassy Ladies site, you will see lots of other goddesses as well as her passion for bright colors and dots. I guessed this one right.

The third entry was mine and I think one of the most predictable pieces I make... I LOVE off mandrel hearts! When I first got into buying lampwork, I bought them by the pound... NOT seriously but, let's just say I adored them and still do! I simply love having a new, unique piece of jewelry every day by adding a new heart to a chain. I was really stumped and feeling unimaginative when I realized this heart reminded me of rain... thus it became my entry after the fact...something I rarely do! But if you browse through my shops, you will see lots of hearts. This heart will be on later in the day today.

Entry 1

Next up, we have bead by Divas Admin Lea Avroch. This is another entry I correctly guessed because Lea makes many focals in this shape and style. She is known for swirling color and often silver, reactive style beads. I just love the layers of transparent and opaque glasses in this!
Entry 4

The fifth entry is also a Diva admin bead from Theresa Ehlers. Theresa is known for interesting shaped focals and lots of twisted on color. I guessed this one correctly too during the competition.

Entry 5

I also recognized my buddy Janel's work right off the bat. Janel is drawn to high silver, reactive glasses and her swirls and dots ... make me swoon.

Entry 6

This is another bead by a newer member that no, I didn't guess. So maybe the lesson here for me is to spend more time getting to know our newer members! I am a HUGE fan of Melanie's fantastic blog... devoted to glass color! Melanie does make nice large focals! Oy! A girl after my own heart! And... she also seems to be fascinated by the long, skinny focal as well. Drool!

Entry 7
This next one is from my friend Jamie and honestly, I don't think I would have guessed it was hers except... I saw it on Facebook before the contest! We have several ladies that make cute "gigglers" - you know - beads that just make you SMILE! But when I really think about it... all of them really have their own style! Jamie always has exceptionally expressive eyes. So maybe, I could have guessed....

Entry 8

Our last entry is by Lara Lutrick. When I look at Lara's beads, one word always pops in my head: elegant. That word is her style through and through. Her beads are always sleek and absolutely perfect and above all colorful. I can pick them out a mile off!
Entry 9

Spend some time getting to know the work of a beadmaker who has caught your eye. See if you can pick up on her style. Watch their work grow and be amazed when they surprise you. You will improve your own artistic eye and learn so much about color!

The Divas would like to thank all our wonderful fans who voted!


rottrover said...

you Divas rock. Each piece is so beautiful and unique. True "eye candy." And you can feel the love in each bead. I'm sooo impressed!

ocmist said...

Mmmm.... I've never seen beads like this, and don't know your language yet. So many unfamiliar words. Still there are some beautiful works of art here. I take it these are all fairly small? Maybe up to an inch? I am going to have to read more of your blog posts and see what I can learn.

CreekHiker said...

Rott - nice to see you here! Thanks!!!

OC - these are lampwork beads. They are made of glass in a flame. Some of us make LARGE beads (me!!) and some of us make small ones. The last two on the page are the smaller ones. When buying lampwork or beads in general, sizes are usually metric. 1 inch equals 25.4 mm. That blue heart of mine is about 32 mm from tip to the top of the yes about an inch. That's actually a really small bead for me! LOL!

Glasstastic Treasures said...

Holly, what a wonderful write up of the April contest beads and their creators! Everyone is so very talented.

Thank yo so much!