Monday, January 11, 2010

Head Spinning

I had an A M A Z I N G class with Heather Trimlett this past weekend at the mandrel and honestly, my head is SPINNING with so many beady ideas.... I can't think straight!

So instead of putting together a blog post I'm certain won't make sense, I thought I would share a few links.

The Fire Divas, a group of beadmakers that promote one another, have a new feature to allow you to get know your bead makers in depth called Diva of the Month. It's written by yours truly. This month's Diva of the Month is Janel Dudley. Hop on over and read her first two interviews HERE

I love Janel's work and I'm sure you will too!


JanelDudleyBeads said...

Holly you are so awesome to take time to do this! Thank you so very much! :) Janel

CreekHiker said...

Janel, A) you DESERVE IT! and B)... I'm a freaking zombie after that class. I keep staring at my stamp orders trying to figure out what I need to do! So YOU got me off the hook today cause I'm in NO shape to write!