Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heather Trimlett, Artist, Teacher Extraordinaire and Head Spinner!

I mentioned last week that my head was spinning after taking Heather Trimlett's class. I'm amazed I even blogged anything coherent last week! And while I mean NO disrespect to the other fabulous teachers I've studied with - I so wish Heather had been my first teacher.

Yes, I took her class to figure out what I'm doing wrong on big hole beads and to hopefully see how she wraps those delicate filigrana around such big beads! And yes, I learned about that but...Oh so much MORE!

This past week has had me rethinking EVERYTHING I do at the torch:

  • The way I sit
  • The height of my chair
  • The position of my hands
  • The amount of glass in my initial gather
  • The heat in the mandrel
  • How I hold the mandrel
Beads I made during and after Heather Trimlett's class

But all of that is just the tip of the iceberg! I've also worked on or learned:

  • Patience (definitely missing from my "hot and fast" routine.)
  • Why there's more white in a twisty and how make more evenly colored ones
  • Dealing with great big gathers of color
  • Casing great big gathers
  • Getting filigranas to "line up"
  • Why my BHBs melted down wonky
  • Getting texture lines out of skinny beads
  • The key to great puckered ends
  • The coolest way ever to close up a hollow
  • Getting heat to the core of a big bead
  • Stringer control
  • The art of reading the glass and getting it to do what I want by understanding what it wants
  • Heating large masses evenly
  • More patience!
And I'm sure I'm forgetting something.... I can honestly say I have a a different relationship with glass after this class! I have better understanding of heat and using it to make the glass go where I want it.

I really cannot recommend Heather's classes enough! If you have a chance, she is a must see teacher!

Zipper pull by Heather Trimlett, my treat for studying hard!

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