Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Night Special - Facebook Albums

Hi all! Tonight's Saturday Night Special is up on the fan page. I didn't want to forget it this week! It's a heart and I'm even offering a wire wrapped - ready to wear special:

Gathering Moss

I was reading a beadmakers tips page on Facebook and someone pointed out she always kept her available inventory in albums on Facebook... moving sold items over to a 'sold' album. This way customers can see at a glance what is available...or ask for remakes. 

I thought it was a great idea although I'm kinda embarrassed at the sheer volume of inventory I have! One of those bead makers who makes a bead  / sells a bead I am NOT! I recently sold a set of beads that had been listed on FB 28 times, on Etsy for over a year, countess times on ebay and even took a spin on my website! they were lovely, reasonably priced (actually sold for more than their original asking price though!) and purple! There is no telling what will sell and when. 

But I don't want to overwhelm the fan page with photos. So far, only the Sets and focals are up. But I will be adding more, then prices in the coming week. 

Happy Saturday and, as always, thanks for l@@king!

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