Monday, August 17, 2015

Fresh Glass 8.17.15

Hey there...long time... uh... Been freaking busy! Found out some classes I need to take...were already happening! So I had to jump in and catch up or...wait til January. Waiting is not my forte. And... I started a tutoring job the same week! Argh! But things are a little calmer is starting and hopefully work won't be far behind!

I have been a torching fiend! I have a trunk show the first weekend in October and so I want mostly newer stuffs...

Don't laugh but these were actually TWO torch sessions! Each time, I made exactly three beads and... hated them and quit! Only to get them them out and love them! Lather rinse repeat! LOL! Loving this honeycomb dichroic!  So these will be a set... three large olives and 2 spacers and for the bead bowl. Sigh!  More tomorrow!

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PyxeeStyx said...

These are absolutely stunning!