Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fresh Glass | Where Have I Been??

Fresh Glass from July 1:  A Dark Waters long focal and 2 sets of earring pairs.

 I've been sorting through photos... trying to get in the listing habit and I'm just wondering where the heck I've been...for months?? I found folders of photos as far back as APRIL unedited! And then I keep finding the same photos that have been taken over and over and over. Sorting it out took me all day yesterday and several part-days before that. I'm finally editing photos from July and have five that need re-takes or supplementary shots. Sigh...

Do you ever feel you haven't really been in your life?? It's been a strange year and a busy one. I'm sitting here stunned it's half over.  But from long teaching assignment to back to back to back jobs, doing my own taxes for the first time ever, along with two sudden deaths of friends and one family member's prolonged illness and recent death and onto an extended work trip to take care of issues in my 92 year old mom's house followed by weeks of severe shoulder pain... I just feel like I'm on some kind of roller coaster that won't ever stop! 

I'm hoping that the sorting of pics and beads will get me back on track... OY! 

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