Monday, June 22, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.22.15

More fresh glass... And back to the drawing board... what a crap sesh!

On the left, I was playing around with a flat stringer I learned in Corina's class...only I had to use a fussy, reacting, devitrifying pink in the middle... Just a piece of crap...

Then, I was trying my hand at Lori and Kim's Candy Jacks...using their cupcake murrini... can you even tell those are cupcakes??? I can't.... sigh!

The next silver glass lentil I like... and I like the cz candy jack... at least I can tell they are czs in there! But I used more of that fussy pink... ugh!

Different can see all the divit... and the lack of definition in the cupcake.
Here  is the crack in the lentil... compatibility for sure...dichro, fussy boutique glass...destined for a water bath!

And here's the CZ bead:

I've been on vacay in Louisiana with the pup...hope to be feeding some of these to Facebook in the next week.

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