Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We Interrupt These Fresh Glass Broadcasts...

... to show off a lot of beads that have been adopted!  I haven't really shown off any sold work since February! Wow! How's that for lack of promotion!??

My college bestie bought this bead and had me wrap it... the funny thing was, I was thinking of her and a dress she had when I made it! She bought it without knowing that!

The guitar sold lickety split! I loved the back of that bead: 

And the dichro on the front!
This was a turtle / ocean bead from my Corina class:

This was an End of Day bead from the same class:

Another End of day bead...I've been trying to use up some of the stringers on my desk!

This floral found a home:
I've been selling off that fabulous huge z99 set from when I first started lampworking in parts... makes me so sad... although I made more money from the parts than anyone was willing to pay for the set! 

And more....

All were sold on Facebook! I'm trying to concentrate my efforts on the Fire Divas Glass Market, Glass Beads for Sale and Artisans Lampwork Beads for Sale

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