Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fresh Glass 6.4.15

I'm still obsessed with that pink frit and the drum shapes! There's an "Oh $h17! Flat fish in there... a bead that over grew the mold... and the olive mold I use for when that happens... and the 1" lentil mold for when the olive mold is too small.... Mad skills this beadmaker has! You'll see those shapes if you look... And a guitar!
The guitar is a prototype for a memorial bead series. I adore it but man, is the mold pricey as heck! These tool makers are nuts! And so are us desperate beadmakers...
It's already cleaned and listed on the Facebook sales pages. Message me if you want a link...

I think I like the colors on the back better than the front!

And the drawings over on  Glass Beads for Sale will be this week...still time to enter! 

There are ways to get multiple entries! Donna's giveaway is here. My giveaway is here.

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