Friday, August 8, 2014

Halloween Focals 2014

These are the Halloween Glass Bead focals I have for this fall season. Not shown are the endless variety of Halloween Cupcakes... Let's just say those are "still in the oven!"

Up first is a gigantic spider bead. He was inspired by a Halloween Candy Set I made a few years ago: 

Next up is a Witch Hat Pumpkin. I used extinct sparkle glass for the orange...It's so pretty in the light. I really do have to make myself one before I run out of this glass!

And finally a Korn Kitty:

 I had the most amazing time making him! Do you ever have a bead where you FEEL your skills shift??? This one was mine! Normally when I do something like this, I nitpick and add a drop of this and a line of that ... freaking over unstraight lines. But not this time... he just flowed!! LOVE him!!!

These will be on my Facebook page soon!

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