Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fresh Glass 8.14.14

Made these a few days ago... I loved my little Frankie Cupcake so much, I made a big Frank focal! He's so cute! The ovals are for for a custom order from Facebook; the crystal is for a set where I was missing one. The Korny Kake already sold in the Facebook Glass Bead groups. And then, there is the big monstrosity on the left:

I've been playing around with a reactive color lately and I typically get a rich blue from it. Fine...wouldn't that be lovely with red? Only red is sometimes reactive too.... which I wasn't thinking about when I ran across this old CIM 96 color (bought on closeout 'cause you know I hate over-priced Chinese glass...sigh). First of all...isn't that the richest red EVER??? It was called St. Nick and boy does the name fit! Only, when I added my blue... it went all metallic on me. So it'll be auctioned off super cheap one day next week... UGH.

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