Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fresh Glass 8.7.14

My days of endless torching are winding down. School starts next week and I'm honestly looking forward to it... BIG attitude shift since May when Mabel passed!  I'm grateful teachers are paid decently here. Having a little wonga will be nice!

It's been a rough week...dealing with a nonpaying bidder and a site that won't ban her.  Sigh... And, I've neglected to do all those things teachers are "supposed" to do in the summer. Doctor visits, hair cuts etc.  So, I'm taking a few days to get caught up on personal care!

I did finally find out why I'm blind as a bat at the torch! My eyes have swapped prescriptions! Literally, my left needs the prescription for the right from my last pair of work glasses... and vice versa! So relieved! I was afraid I was getting cataracts!

In this batch:More of those ribbed ovals I'm so fascinated with. Some diamond earring pairs and some rounds. One witch's hat cupcake and one cupcake frosted all wrong...sure to be on sale somewhere soon!

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