Saturday, July 5, 2014

Update on Selling Venues on Facebook

With the creation of all these selling pages on Facebook, it's actually becoming possible to make some decent income! No more letting good beads go to die on Etsy! In fact, I spent the holiday weekend cleaning out beads from my expired Etsy listings and actually selling them on Facebook.

I have been in a listing funk since Mabel died. Part of us was that I was listing while she was trying to tell me how sick she was. It took a dear friend pointing out that listing beads was how I took care of Mabel to make me want to get over it! But the other part was...there are so many groups to keep up with, and different rules in each one, my brain was about to explode!

I did what I always when I feel overwhelmed... I made a spread sheet... tut will follow later in the week! But suddenly when I could see it on "paper" - it all made sense and my listing fog was over! I've had so much fun this weekend... some things sold while I was working on other listings. I had sales in under five minutes! OMG!

So I thought I would update you on where I was selling and some of the rules highlights for you glassers out there:

Name Main link Listings NUTSHELL
Lampwork Bead Auctions 2
Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale 4
Lampwork Bead Market 2
Lampwork Beads and Jewelry Carosel Auctions ?? Juried group; secret group section for sellers only. Must be willing to remake / take orders MUST APPLY
Gone to Pieces - Budget Lampwork 2 ?? Max BIN is $25 MAX bid is $5… orphans and cheaper beads… non handmade allowed on destash weekends. More than two but unsure of total listing numbers
Lampwork Auctions 6
Glass Pendants and Wire Wraps for Sale off mandrel
Lampwork Beads in Action
Artisan Deisgners Jewelry Buy Sell
Jewelry Designers Open market Indiviual trunk shows for jewelry artists
The Jewelry Box Indiviual trunk shows for jewelry artists
Remember: These groups are ALL private! You must join to shop!

There are A LOT of places to sell and you will have to find the one that works for you! There are some I haven't mentioned...because they don't work for me. Some have too many rules and too much stricture. Some have rules that change daily. Some have admins that openly mistreat members. Don't sell there! Sell where it is fun and profitable for you! Promote your sales and it will work for you! And buy where your favorite sellers are!!!

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