Saturday, July 19, 2014

Memorial Beads: Mabel Lou

I wrote about my beloved Mabel Lou's funeral over on Creekhiker but thought I would do a post here just sharing the beads. We had a hiking funeral for her with all her favorite people and most of her favorite canine friends.
Mabel Lou

I made Memorial Beads for everyone in attendance at the funeral, an extra to send my mom and a few extras "just in case" as I had put off making them until the last possible day! I used temperamental Clio and a variety of under glasses to try and make pink beads... and this is what I got:
At first I was really upset that they didn't come out all pink like I wanted, but after just sitting with them for a while, I started to see our sky and river and the amazing sunsets we have. 
 The creek / wilderness where Mabel and I hiked every single day.

And I guess, they look the way Mabel Lou wanted them to look. All the friends got to pick theirs. 

I was so distraught, I forgot to take pics of the clean beads! So these were all taken as they were being worn. 

From L-R, Top-Bottom: Atilla's Dad, Hank n Sue's Mom, Chloe's Dad, The Rottrover, Bart's Mom.

And these are the ones I ended up with:

 I chose this heart for me because of the little hole where Mabel's ashes came through.

The funny thing about these beads...they pick up what ever color I wear. The Rottrover Mom has told me the same. She's worn hers  with teal, purple, ivory and pink... and her bead works with all. I've worn mine with denim, aqua, olive, brown, pink, orange and black... and they just seem to be versatile enough work with whatever I put on! Besides the fact my Baby Lou is with me...they are some of my all time faves!

Another view, reversed,  against the sky:

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PyxeeStyx said...

What an awesome memorial of your girl <3