Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fresh Glass

I've been so busy, I haven't posted fresh glass pics in a while! I've got more to show you but... I like each picture to have it's own moment in the sun! So... stay tuned!

Can you believe that long skinny??! I hate the way it looks here... kinda cartoonish in color but, in the hand, it reminds me of old parchment and those colorful book liners!

I'm just OBSESSED with the crystal shape from Zooziis!  So many listings on Facebook seem to have those and I'm drawn like a moth to a flame!

It's all my friend Amy's fault! She was having a trunk show and was selling these earrings:
Not only is the glass a rare oldie that I can't get my hands on (and have lusted over for a long time!), Amy just put them together in such a perfect way! I HAD to have them!  They arrived and I realized my ear piercings had closed so I rushed out and got new ones... and in another month or so, I will finally get to wear those beauties! But they are the beads that started my obsession!

I played a bit with enamels after my JC Herrel class... I adore those little blue spacers but man, are they labor intensive! They will never sell for what they are worth... I think I'm over enamels!

And a few dichro focals to round out this batch!

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