Thursday, October 10, 2013


I've been a rut and have decided I NEED to clear the decks and get rid of some of the stuff that's weighing me down and so... I've decided to GIVE some of it away!!

But there is one small caveat... You have to make purchase of glass beads or jewelry in the same value as the free item. Buy One Get... however many it takes to meet the dollar amount of your purchase. There is no limit on freebies. They just have to be less than or equal to the dollar value of your purchase!

The freebies are located on my Facebook don't have to be a fan (but I would love it if you were!) to look through the freebie album.  Browse through... if you see something you like... call "Mine" and go shop in my regular glass bead shop.  You are welcome to shop on Etsy too, but please allow me to end the listing... I'm giving stuff away. I don't want to pay Etsy for the privilege...

Thanks as always for taking a l@@k!

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