Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dot Diaries: 40 Bead Challenge Complete!

I finally finished the first Dot Series! I was shocked when a friend on Facebook bragged of doing hers in ONE session... OMG... hand me the bullets! I'm not made to do that! Plus, the instructions said to limit your beads to a few every day to allow the ideas to percolate. I know I wouldn't have gotten much out of it if I attempted one session!

The last two sessions focused on triangles. The beads are lined up from session 1 to the end, L-R:
 A lot of good lessons were reinforced:
  • Heat the bead well and then put a LOT of heat where you want the glass to GO!
  • Slower is better (but tortuous!)
  • Volume Control... Something I find hard to read between torch sessions. Just like wire work, I need to make a few to get my rhythm!  Most all of my remakes were volume control issues!
  • Limiting your color choices really does make you stretch for what you can do to make the bead interesting! 
  • Footprints and puckered holes are really not that difficult! 
  • I still have more ideas for this combo! Weird! 
I'm glad I did this...wish I had done it when I started! Odd that I'm feeling like a better bead maker at a time when I'm considering not making beads for sale any more. More on that landslide later! 

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