Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My New Baby: Glass Beads Daily

Sorry I've been ignoring you, but I have a new baby! Glass Beads Daily. Why start another glass bead blog when I already have this one???


Well, it's the result of taking many internet marketing classes, my years with the Fire Divas and more recently, PromoFrenzyTeam on Etsy. I know what doesn't work... Team rules, schedules and mandatory stuff. Who has time for that when many artists already spend more time on the computer than they do making their art!

I also know what DOES work... Ease of use, a public (no-logins) site for fans to view eye candy and no rules. I also know that it is far easier for me... a shy artist (insert eye roll...but believe it or not, I am fairly shy!) to talk about ME. But I can talk about and share other artists' work from dusk til dawn. I know many others feel the same! Cross promotion DOES work!!!

So I built a site that I can maintain in minutes a week! I do accept advertising (very low fees!) to help this starving artist pay for some of the back-end coding that I had to purchase. But it's FREE to share!

On day one, we had over 300 visits and got 10 gorgeous entries and a handful of followers! Yay! And day two is off to a roaring good start!

So... I hope you come visit us over there... I promise lots of eye candy. And if you have a glass bead listing to share (or even a blog post about glass beads), please feel free to do so! And jewelry makers who utilize artisan glass beads are more than welcome too!!! Come share the link love!!!

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