Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Merchant Services Research

It really pays to check the price of your merchant accounts from time to time. I had been with Intuit and loved it... 24/7 AMERICAN customer support by phone is a BIG plus to me! (Wish more banks understood that!)  And their prices were cheaper...when they started... but not any more!

The above is my research... the yellow highlights are companies that won't work for my business for one reason or another... some of which you can guess by my notes on the right: lots of charges charges (charges for no reason), no phone support, etc.

I was kind of shocked that I can save so much money by encouraging people to check out with Paypal and putting in their own credit card number vs. me putting it in. Another thing I hate about that is, I have to have my phone or Ipad handy even though I'm working on a computer in my shop... sucks when your space is crowded!

The last column is one I recommend anyone test when checking out a  merchant processor. What is your average sale amount??? Run the numbers on what that sale will cost you with that merchant. How many sales do you average every month? And what are your total sales? Knowing those numbers will help you save!!

This research made me want to send folks directly to Paypal for almost a 40 cent savings on my average order... Hey, when you are a starving artist...every penny COUNTS!

But I knew folks have a bad view of Paypal. I posted notes on my fan page and home page and the comments piled up! Did you know that if you are locked out of your Paypal account and yet your credit card is tied to that account, you cannot pay the "simple" way that Paypal advertises!??!

I was surprised that Google (a much friendlier company in many eyes) has Google Wallet now. So I set it up on my bead site and created some new buttons to make the shopping cart clear as mud...

Hopefully it will save me a few pennies. I will be switching to Paypal Here for classes... again a few pennies savings. And you can always get Paypal Phillipines on the phone (yaythat'sgreat...NOT!) and even sometimes Paypal Colorado...which is great!

My ebay sales were a bust and I still have a puppeh surgery to pay for so, relisted and reduced and ending in two days! Please take a l@@k at my auctions!

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Ariella Carver said...

Thanks for the info! I used Paypal Here at the one show I've done simply because it was the easiest option at the moment. I'm glad to know it stacks up well to the others.