Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Birthday Sale Is ON!

It's my birthday and I'll cry if want to, cry if I want to...Wha??? Oops! You've stumbled into my annual private pity party! I HATE my birthday!!!

A myriad of childhood traumas - from being forced to invite people my mom thought I didn't play well with to my birthday party only to have my "real" friends find out and end up being mad at me to the time the folks decided entertaining business clients at the racetrack (where kids can't go) and pawning me off on my sister and brother-in-law to all the guys that would break up with me before Valentines and make up after my birthday - I have ISSUES, OK??? It's never good and I prefer to disappear altogether!

And since my actual "misery day" falls on the weekend and I so disdain being out in public with lots of "sheeple," I'm having my day out tomorrow and spending the weekend with the phone off the hook and the computer off doing... whatever strikes my fancy...just NOT taxes!

So, I'm having my best sale of the year! There are TONS of beads on the site!

Here's the deal:
Anything on my glass bead website is 29% off with the coupon code Birthday 29
Min $15 purchase
Not valid on Made to Order

Fans and Newsletter subscribers  get their own (better!) deal...

I've got a post scheduled for Fashion Friday but not for Saturday so... I'll see you on Monday after it all blows over!

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