Tuesday, February 12, 2013

25% Off Sale Today!

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I've been out of town for two weeks. I come home and I'm check all of my seven email accounts at once with all of them going into one fold sorted by time. I will admit I was jet-lagged and distracted. One of my personal accounts got an email from a website called etsy-security.com saying my Etsy shop had been closed. Foolishly, I clicked on it. I typed in my store name and my password and got a page asking for a credit card for "verification." Etsy does NOT have my credit card info Alarm bells started to sound and my grumpy brain kicked into gear... "OH NO!"

I went to Etsy, my shop was just fine. I immediately changed my password using my own handy dandy tutorial for creating unhackable passwords and KNEW that all was well. But no... I'm a do-gooder. I like to let people know important things (insert eyeroll here). When will I ever learn???

So do-gooder Holly writes Etsy and tells them to beware of that website and maybe make other sellers and shoppers be aware of the dangers. And what does Etsy do to thank me for my kindness??? A coupon for free listings? A promoted feature of the beads in my shop? Oh no! They locked me out of my shop in under 15 minutes flat!

Oh, BTW, my shop is still there...I just can't get in it! ( I do wonder what would happen if I got a sale!) And it's been almost 24 hours now. I've only gotten the one email from Etsy asking me a series of questions... the first of which I can NOT answer without looking around my shop!

These are their questions:

  • ◦ What month and year did you create your Etsy account?
    ◦ What cities and/or states do you most frequently login to your Etsy account from?
    ◦ What Internet browser do you most frequently use to login to Etsy?
    ◦ What mobile devices do you use to access your Etsy account?
    ◦ List one of the shipping addresses you've used when purchasing from Etsy.
    ◦ Please provide a new email address that we can use to update your Etsy account. This should be an email address that is NOT already associated with another Etsy account.
The last one really irks me... I OWN my own dot com. There is NO other email I was associated with my etsy account.

Since I'm beyond pissed and have had no income for two weeks, I'm having a sale. Come on over. Coupon Code: EtsySUCKS gets you 25% off EVERYTHING! 

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AliMc said...

Oh Holly, that is sucky. I can go to your shop and look for your answer that's missing if that helps