Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stampin Saturday: Hearts

Now that I've added Fashion Fridays, I thought I would try to talk about rubber stamping on the weekends... Hoping to keep it on Saturday. You know I love alliteration!

I thought I would show off some of the rubber stamped cookies from my students in the last class I taught. Being before Valentine's Day, hearts were all the rage. Although we had a Santa or two! I once had a student make a Halloween bouquet in a Thanksgiving class! We all have our passions!

One student did an all heart bouquet. She did a lovely job coloring!

And this is the makings of my favorite bouquet: A cookie for the handyman...

And one for the baker...
Became.... The handyman loves the cook!  Isn't it adorable! I just love the creativity of my students!

**Sweet Stampen is the ONLY manufacturer of food safe rubber stamps. Please do your research before crafting with your food!

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