Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back in the Etsy Grove

Welp, it took me around 26 hours to get back in the groove with Etsy. Amazing! They shut my account down in under 15 minutes and take 26 hours to get it back on line. When I finally got a second email from them some 23 hours after shutting me down; after I had sent them FIVE emails, four tweets to @Etsy and @EtsyHelp, and numerous posts on their fan page, they claimed not have received any answers to their questionnaire!

It was in RED at the bottom of EVERY email!

It finally came down to Etsy wanting me to change the password to my shop... which I pointed out that I had done that before I ever wrote them. And, they wanted me to change my email account associated with the shop. I implored that a) the spoof email did not come to that account b) I OWN the and have all emails go through MY server to avoid hacking and c) I already have seven emails and simply did not want one more!

Finally, they acquiesced allowing me to keep my own email! OY! 26 hours of hell all because I wanted others to know of a fraud site. As my mother would say, "That's what you get for trying to help someone!"

I don't necessarily believe that but, I won't help Etsy directly ever again! And the EtsySucks coupon good for 25% off on Glass Beads ends at midnight PST tonight!

On to other things: My recent absence explained and... I'm trying something new on this blog tomorrow! Be sure to check in!

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