Friday, January 28, 2011

Sail Boat Pendant

I didn't run away and hide...I got a JOB! OK - more like gig. I'm working on my first t.v. production in ages. It's been creative and fun and... exhausting. I've gotten to work with several people from my Carol Duvall days, including my Exec. Producer and Director and a few other peeps I haven't seen in ages!

I did have one productive torch session and the beads are still on the kitchen counter... waiting for a bath and a scrub. But I REALLY like them....

I thought I would share a pendant from my recent sale. One of my customer's bought the bead and had me turn it into a pendant. I really like the way it turned out.

When I make a pendant, I always try to think about how it hangs. Notice the top loop is made to run perpendicular to the neck, so the bead sits straight. The bottom loop runs parallel to the neck so you can see the dangles. I like my wraps tight so the bead doesn't spin (on beads like this). But that is a valid design feature on certain round beads. I also like the crystals on the top and bottom to continue the color of the bead as the eye moves up or down.  I used Champagne on the bottom and Indian Sapphire on top.

What do you look for in a pendant that you like to wear???

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