Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Just Me

I have been in royal arsed funk of late. I took December off to deal with arm pain... much better except... I've got facial flushing from the injections. (Fitting name because the "cure" to me would be to plunge my face in ice cold running water!) As I type, it feels like the right side of my face is on fire! (See pic below - just couldn't put my frightening mug on top of this blog!)

But now that I have turned the torch back on... I spend all my time pulling butt ugly stringers and canes and end up making one ugly bead and quitting! It's like everything I ever knew is ... gone. POOF!

Who knew that the neon yellow rod I selected to decorate this coral heart would magically become ...coral in the kiln? And what's up with that turquoise, Holly Dare???

The basket-weave bead was PERFECT in every way then I (ME, see the problem?) had to decorate it and at some point, I decided the decorations were covering the perfect basket-weave so... ugh.. throw it in the kiln and quit!

And if that ain't enough, am I the ONLY person who ASSuMEs that 'since I took the picture, I must have listed the bead / blogged about it?' Again, I'm clearly the problem here! I found a whole stash of tiger beads, a button, an ocotpus and another boat bead that I ASSuMEd I listed for sale because, duh, I took the picture!  (Check the glass bead website later today  for these and more later in the week!)

A friend and fellow teacher spied me complaining on Facebook and pointed out "Now is not the time for new things. Make something you know and love. That will open the doorway."

So, as soon as I'm off benadryl for the face (sleepy Holly and fire do NOT mix!), I'll try, try again!

Facial flushing after steroid injections. 

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