Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There are over 100 items on my website and another 80 on  Artfire. I realize I HAVE to get rid of some things in order to make room in my head / jewelry room / life for NEW things. Ebay being what it is, I would rather sell these babies to my friends and fans at a deep discount rather than to strangers on Ebay. So...  here's the deal on the sale:
  • 30% off for everyone.
  • 10% additional off for Newsletter Subscribers for a total of 40% off.
  • 20% additional off for Fan Page Member members for a total of 50% off. Join my Facebook Fan Page
  • FREE shipping on all orders over $150.00
  • Sale ends 11:59 p.m. the Saturday night 01/22/11
Da Fine Print:
  • NOT VALID with FREE Bead Gift Certs. Free beads are FREE at the retail cost of the beads... Sorry!
  • NOT VALID on made to order items. In stock only.
  • NOT VALID on tools or kits.
  • NOT VALID on Etsy.... I don't want to deal with the discounts on their fees... And EVERYTHING is on Artfire anyway...where it's less expensive for me as an artist. Again, sorry!
Checking Out:
  • On HollysFolly.com w/a credit card: I will charge you the discounted amount when billing your card in the shop.
  • On HollysFolly.com and Artfire w/ Paypal: either wait for a corrected invoice OR pay and check out. I will  refund the difference upon shipping.
You must be a subscriber on a mailing list / fan page to get the discount additional discounts. Mention this deal for your discount! If you are reading this online and are not a subscriber, no discount will apply!

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