Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5th Annual Women of Glass

I made a goal a few years back that I wanted to have something in the Women of Glass Issue of The Flow Magazine. I finally got my nerve up and submitted something... three of my best beads and a "oh whatever." They picked the "oh whatever" bead!!!!!!!! Whooo Hoooo! (Is this just one more case in point that I can NOT / should NOT judge my own work????

Anyway, this was the big beady news I promised! But wait! It gets even bigger. You guys know I'm a co-Admin for the Fire Divas, a bead collective of other artisans who work together to promote one another. I'm thrilled to say that FIVE other Divas are in the issue too! Whoooo Hooo! There's nothing like sharing a little glory with friends! You'll have to check out the magazine to see what was featured... but let's take a little tour through some of these terrifically talented artist shops!

I share the same page with my good friend and fellow Diva Janel Dudley of Janel Dudley Beads. She makes the most amazing eye beads and lovely high silver focals:

Laurie Ament / Glassbead has a couple of beads featured. I adore Laurie's brilliant and bold color mixes. She's quite talented at sculpture too!

The always amazing Judith Billig of IcarusBeads is also featured. She's another master of those sparkling high silver glasses that leave me cawing like a crow! Check out these sparkling beauties:

In real life, Judith is friends with Lori Bergmann.  Just as I'm excited to share a page with Janel, Judith and Lori are page-mates! Lori's company is AshlynDesign. Lori is one of those "utility beadmakers" She does a little of everything and she does it all well!

And we can't forget one of our newer Divas, Kathleen Young of Ugly Duckling Beads. Nothing ugly here! No, this "ugly duckling" has already morphed into a swan! She makes lovely flowers and fabulous little faces!! 

Please do check out my fellow Divas shops and if you love to drool over glass, get a copy of that magazine!!


Judith Billig (Icarus Beads) said...

Congratulations Holly! Very well deserved.
And congratulations to all the other Fire Divas and fabulous women that are featured in this year's magazine!
(and thanks for the shout-out LOL).

Maybeads said...

AWESOME! Congrats Holly and all the other Divas in The Flow! That is just wonderful, and like Judith said, very well deserved. :)