Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Save the Tatas! Buy Some Beads...

...or a candle.

OK, so I totally stole this blog post idea from Lauren, but, maybe she won't mind my unoriginality if I feature her first! Several members of our Fire Diva lampwork promotion group are donating a portion of their profits to the Susan G. Komen foundation during October. And...October is breast cancer awareness month. . Go get those boobies squished! Give yourself an exam (not NOW)! And buy something pretty to support some great causes!

Lauren makes the most fabulous boobie bookmarks, but I don't recommend these for guys...they would never get any reading done!

And then there is Marcy who has the most fantastic sense of humor! She's made a whole series of Hooters for Hooters... little owls that represent various women she knows who have had breast cancer. This one is named Wendy but there are more in Marcy's Etsy shop.

I have a big hole floral bead in my shop with pink ribbons interwoven. It's ready to put on a chain and keep near your heart. I made this in honor of my own sister who has battled this disease twice!

And finally, honorary Fire Diva Dave (he's married to Eileen of DorsetHillBeads) makes the incredible smelling candles. He's made some pink Serenity candles for October and is also donating to Komen.

These are some fun ways to help out a great cause and score some cool goodies too! Now, go give yourself that exam! Take care of your tatas!

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Lauren said...

Thanks, Holly! I love the bead you made in honor of your sister - it's beautiful! And Marcy's Hooters are a hoot! Love those eyes. I own a couple of DavesHomemade candles, and I'll be back for more - they are amazing! Great reminder to take care of yourself and get your mammogram!