Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fussy Girl

Maybe you've noticed I haven't been blogging about my Art Bead Scene entries the last few months. There's a reason for that.

I haven't been happy with them! I have issues with both September

Kandinsky Improvisation 23

and August.

Kanagawa by Holly's Folly

I like the art beads I made as the interpretation of paintings. I like the accompanying beads I chose for the jewelry. I even adore the concept of my August entry.

But I don't really consider myself a jewelry maker. I make jewelry because I have to. I teach and I often have to have samples of my beads made up into wearable pieces. And I do enjoy the challenge and even the process (sometimes)...but the best part of making jewelry is trying to think like a jewelry designer, which ultimately makes me a better bead maker. Because, for me, that is what I really like... the beads, not the jewelry.

I will tell you that I have issues with the structure...not that it is bad on either piece but, it could be better. It will have to be better before I offer it up for sale!

So, when one of my close friends pointed out to me that my "trash pile" is probably full of treasures and that maybe, just maybe I should do something about that... I decided to call myself out in public. Let's just see how long it takes me to do something about this. I'm hoping this public outing will make it sooner rather than years from now later.

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