Monday, October 5, 2009

Pacific Artglass Party

Pacific Artglass had their annual bash this weekend. I didn't win a darn thing in those amazing raffles they have (dicrho, kilns, glass, t-shirts...fab stuffs!), but I did have a blast hanging out with some glass-minded folks. (And of course, I left the camera at home!)

I got re-introduced to Adam Teller. Adam demoed for the CA flame surfers about a year ago. I remember learning his nifty trick for lighting the bigger bottom torch for boro.... turn on the gas and blow! His breath through the top flame was enough to ignite the bottom one. Talk about making a room full of glassy ladies swoon!

Adam demoed a bunch of different pendants but my favorite thing was seeing him write a little boy's name in a marble. The finished piece was beautiful and the name just popped out at you!

And my fellow Flame Surfer, Stacey Lynn was there demoing beads and her fabulous brass tools.

There were reps there from all kinds of manufacturers, including CBS Dichroic. They were showing off their new crinklized dichroic as well as a brand spanking new sandblasted line.

It was a really fun day!!!

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