Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Shortcuts

The other night, I was torching for an order that had to go out. I finished and did a few color tests for some sets brewing in my head. I tossed the last bead in, still glowing and lovely, drained my fuel lines, shut off the light & ipod, and...puttered.

I tinkered around the shop for about 10 minutes but it had been a really long day and I was so tired. So I allowed that impatient girl to tell me it really wouldn't matter if the kiln jumped a stage.

I hit the programmer and forced it into the 100 degrees / hour to the 870 hold.

Now one would think, on a tiny little bead, it really wouldn't matter. That's what that impatient girl had told me.

But it did! Look at the crack in that bead! It runs down one side (above photo) and all the way around the middle! All because I ramped down 20 minutes early!

Lesson learned. All beads get a 30 minute bath at 960. And that impatient girl is never allowed anywhere near my kiln again!

1 comment:

Maybeads said...

Huge bummer! Great bead. :(