Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharing the Shells

I finally got around to listing one of my favorite seashells from this latest extra large series I've been doing...

Funny thing about this particular bead... It was my effort to make a small version of the shells I've been making! As an artist friend of mine says, "Scale is everything to an artist." We all have a size we are comfortable working in, and small is not mine!

But back to the bead...in an effort to make it small, I deliberately worked on a 1/16th mandrel. In the end, I thought all this glass was going to bend the mandrel! It was quite a feat to keep this puppy hot and happy and, because the bead is off center (deliberately so), spinning in the flame! In the end, it is my favorite of the series!

The bead starts as a hollow and then another layer of glass is added. The bead is allowed to droop and then, at the right moment, stabbed to create an opening and reveal all that lovely iridescent glass on the inside.

I'm loving this direction but will have to quit for a bit. Special orders await to be filled and I have to tackle this month's Art Bead Scene Project.

Please do check the Fire Diva's Blog for my Bead pick of the day!

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