Saturday, July 4, 2009

Head Under Water

As I explained on the Folly site... I've been torching and torching ... and torching. But cleaning, staging, photographing beads and sizing the pics...not so much! I love making beads. I love selling beads.... it's just all that junk in the middle that is so time consuming and annoying! LOL! It's that part of life as a bead-maker that makes me feel like my head is under water.

Anyway, it's a holiday and I should do what I want, right??? More torching for sure!

But here's a teaser to come. Each of these babies took me over an HOUR EACH to make...They are huge and the colors are fantastic. Stay tuned! And from the looks of things, my head has been under water in more ways than one! LOL!
In the meantime, I actually made a new bead and put it straight up on Etsy:

Sunny Day at the beach

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