Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Portrait of Moi!

A little non-glass art diversion today:

My friend and hiking buddy, Stella Boyd, is an amazing and gifted painter. She's made her living painting big backdrops for films as well as being a scenic painter on set. In her personal life, she paints watercolors almost every day. I love popping in to see what she's working on.

Last week, I saw she was working on this fantastic, very bright painting... not her usual palette! I loved it and was even more shocked to learn, it was a portrait of me!

She finished a few days later and now, it's being framed to hang on my living room wall. Allow me to present to you Adventurine - my alter-ego.

I'm sort of amused that she sees shy little me on stage! Note my red hair and my purple "wedding dress" - from an off-hand comment I made ages ago about never seeing myself march down the aisle in the whole white-presentation-0f-the-virgin frou frou that society expects!

Of course, Mabel Lou is by my side and ever so subtly in the background, flames....for my habit of playing with fire!

Oh and the "Adventurine" is a play on words. My favorite glass is me some sparkle! And, in the creek, I'm always having an adventure... So Stella calls me Adventurine! (Always with an exclamation point when spoken.)

I'm so in love with my new painting! I think I want to work it into my logo somehow!

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