Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sea Dreams

My back is still on the mend but I wanted to move some stuff around on the site. Waterworks has moved to Etsy and I've added Sea Dreams.

This XL raku seahorse, trimmed in lavender is my very first! And I have to say, one of my favorities. I love the texture of his tail, his fat belly and his perfect little nose! He is a major large focal!

With him is a matching fish, an octopus sitting on a raku bead with her big red lips, two etched sand dollars, a shell and one little raku round. A nice set all around.

For Waterworks, I pulled stringer for well over an hour before starting these puppies! An abstract series of teals, blues & violet. Formed in straight sided lentil press (Spree) and then gently "puffed" in the flame. I used all three sizes of the Spree press: 13, 15 & 18 mm.


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