Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Give

My LEST Beads team is having an August promotion where each lampworker has chosen to charity to give part or all of her profits to.

My chosen charities are: The Animal Rescue Site and Stand Up 2 Cancer.

The Animal Rescue Site raises funds to feed shelter animals in this country. By clicking on the link in their site -- just by clicking - - you can help feed a shelter animal!

Stand Up 2 Cancer is raising funds to provide much needed research and hopefully a cure with the belief that cancer touches all of us (it does me) and that we need to individually help find a cure. You can buy a star in honor or memoriam of a loved one there for a dollar.

I will be giving away ALL monies from my Etsy store in August. No deductions for Etsy or Paypal. I would love to write two big fat checks at the end of the month. Many other lampworkers would love to do the same. Here is a link to a promotion thread on Etsy with links to others participating and each of them tell a bit about their chosen charity.

What a great thing...lampwork and charity!


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