Sunday, May 25, 2014

Glass Beads Finding Good Homes!!

NOTE: This post was composed just before Mabel Lou passed away. I thought I would add a few more pics to it, but I have not had the ability to list since then. I was listing beads when she was trying to tell me how sick she was.... A dear glasser friend pointed out to me that I list beads to take care of Mabel and I and that forgiveness is in order. I'm working on it...

I am doing my level best to get used to my new normal. I've been working a lot...for which I'm so grateful. Income and being busy and not in my suddenly very empty home are all good things! But I made beads yesterday... Memorial beads with Mabel's cremains. I had her pics all around me and I truly felt her there. It was a nice way to say goodbye. My girl's funeral is today and all the important people and dogs in her life will be there.

I'll have more posts for you this week and I will be listing again within the week. Thanks for your patience!

More glass bead placements to report! YAY! (Note: these were all the beads that sold the week Mabel passed... I just forgot to publish!)

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