Sunday, May 4, 2014

Auction Experiment

While I have been singing the praises of the sales groups springing up on Facebook, there are some things left to be desired.

All of the groups are ultra private... so there are NO share buttons on the auctions. You have to really WORK to share your listings... Copy the link, sign into your fan page, paste the link and upload the pic, sign in as yourself, go to your fan page and share. OY! I "think" this is fear of spam but how hard is it to just block and ban but allow the group to be seen??

And... the other downside is... I've seen some terrible hurt feelings when bidding gets heated. Additionally, portable devices can only view 20 listings and sometimes you get a notification that someone has commented (a bid!) but you can't SEE the comment. That is because the Facebook app SUCKS!  I always recommend people ditch the app and just surf over on an actual web browser.  And that app leads to bids not appearing fast enough and well, people get upset.

There HAS to be an easier way... so I've been searching. And searching. I stumbled upon the Buddy Bid App on Facebook. It's genuine auction software! It does ask you for a bit of info before allowing you to bid...but it only takes seconds and you can bid on an item!

So, I'm running an experiment on my glass bead fan page and listing an auction there. There is a low start on this silver laden heart glass bead focal. I hope you'll take a look and maybe even bid. Is this the future of Facebook??? Can we kill off FeeBay once and for all???

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