Monday, November 4, 2013

Necklace Sketches

I promised a customer my sketches for three glass bead focals she purchased ages ago. Every time I printed the photos of the beads, something would happen to them...buried under my desk eh...

I finally discovered a drawing app called InkFlow that allows me to sketch over my own photos in the ipad.

The beads look much darker in the sketches so first I will show off just the beads. First, a long skinny in my Rio Party Series:

Then a focal in similar colors but with lots of metals added in an XL lentil:

Same as the lentil but a shorter barrel: 

Once out of the kiln, I always saw them together in ONE piece. And my customer did too!

The first design is a lariat with the lentil sitting at the dip of the neck.  Long chains (something kinda heavy to support the weight of the beads) wrap in opposite directions around the neck, dropping to each of the barrel beads with a beaded or chain tassel on the bottom:

The second design is a bib style necklace with a clasp at the back.  Chain would come around both sides of the neck to the smaller barrel bead which would be situated on it's side, just below the collar bones.  Crystal fringe could be used to fancy it up at all the wired connector joints.  More chain drops to the even longer barrel, and again to the lentil.
Have you ever designed an elaborate piece with numerous focals??? The downside is... this would be a really costly necklace... but OH! What a SHOWSTOPPER!

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Doris Stumpf said...

Wow! Love the beads. I prefer your first design 😉Hugs