Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Charm Swap Revealed

Jennifer Cameron hosts and Art Charm Swap every year. Participants are asked to make one extra to be donated to an auction for Beads of Courage. And while making 10 of anything (exactly the same) would just about kill me, making stuff for Beads of Courage is close to my heart! The theme this year is love. I love glass and I love Beads of Courage, so, I hope that counts!

Here are my charms, ready to be packed:

Most of them are made from my jewelry making stash except for these:

These beads were made by Krissy Beads

These beads were made by Bindy Lambell

This little bunny is from my treasured stash of Palmtree Queen beads and he sold right away in a buy it now auction! Made my day!!!

And this guy... never left my house. Very sad 'cause he was my absolute fave. Made my a "really famous" beadmaker... His pom pom popped off while I was packing him!!!

These and SO many more are being auctioned off RIGHT NOW! Please go bid! It's for a GREAT cause!

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Dzign by Jamie said...

Very cute! I love seeing your creations.