Monday, September 30, 2013

Wholesale Glass Beads - Easiest Wholesale Policy Ever!!!

I've decided to re-address my wholesale lampwork policy to make it easier than ever for jewelry designers to get the best prices on my artisan glass beads! Jewelry Designers no longer have to purchase in huge volumes to get the best discount! Simply sign up. I contact you for a copy of your business license and give you your anniversary date. Then, shop as per usual. When your anniversary date arrives, you get a gift certificate based on your discount rate that can be used piece meal over the next year (or all at once, your choice!) How easy is that???

 Your discount is still based on your volume but you have a year to hit those numbers!
  • $200 or less – 10% discount 
  • $201 – $300.99 – 20% discount 
  • $301 – $449.99 – 30% discount 
  •  $450 – $599.99 -40% discount 
  •  $600 and up – 50% And anyone who registers gets 10% off!!! 

This is a great way to get a 10% discount all year long and...if you purchase'll get a nice gift certificate with no obligation to join up again until that certificate is all used up!

There is some fine print: 

  • Discounts taken off retail pricing. 
  • Free Beads Gift Certs and Year End Bonus Certs may not be used in conjunction with volume pricing. 
  • Year End Bonus Certs do not count toward the next year’s purchases. 
I hope this makes it easier for Jewelry designers to use my beads in their work!!! 

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