Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wedding Necklace

I wrote about my niece's antique crystal necklace several times in the past but I finally finished it!

I ended up going with sterling silver. In the end, I just couldn't use the bronze wire even though that's what was used on the back of the piece originally.

The piece de resistance was when I discovered Swarovski makes dragonfly wings!!! The dragonfly is a symbol of good fortune. My niece's uncle and graphic designer is Thai and chose the dragonfly for her invitations... not knowing the niece has a dragonfly tat! When I found the wings... that just cinched it!

Unfortunately, Swarovski doesn't make them with the AB coating but...they still look lovely! I strung similar beads into a dragonfly dangle at the back of her neck. I left the length adjustable as the bride has TWO dresses!

The piece came with a bracelet that is still in perfect condition but she also needed earrings. I made her a red set to go with the wedding colors...

and a more traditional pair that matched the necklace

You'll have to wait a few more months to see the whole look!

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