Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Beads!

I finally got off my duff (OK... You know me, I'm not ON my duff that much... I've been dealing with another huge stamp order...) and cleaned some of the bounty of beads in my bead bowl! Or just finally dealt with the final stages of getting beads ready to photograph!

This gingko had been kicking around my work table for like... a year! Butterfingers here had dropped him on her tile floor! The bail broke but he was just too pretty to toss in the trash or melt back into...something! Then the other week, I had a really small, all day kumihimo class and I knew a large part of my day would be waiting for people to braid their work. I tossed him in my kit along with some sterling wire and had him all wrapped up before class began!

He's so pretty, I gotta show off both sides!:

This key was made back in the summer but got stuck on my key mandrel! I would work and work on it every time I passed my allen wrenches! It finally came off and I get it all polished up and took a pic! There's rich silver glass on that bead and it really shimmers!

This Green Tiger set is SO SMALL if you know my work... only an inch and a half long for the whole set! The blue is a cool color reaction! 

There's more and all will be listed on my glass bead site in the next few days!

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