Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Does It Go?

OMG! Sometimes I feel like time is a bullet train and I'm hanging on to the back by my fingernails! Every freaking thing I do seems to turn into some massive time suck!

Just today I was trying to post a little bank info in a journal I keep in Word. Only I find Word for Windows 7 to be so complex... I knew old Word like the back of my hand but EVERY thing I do, I have to have help for. So what should have taken two minutes took 30! OY!

And I bought myself a fancy schmancy new camera - cause that's surly why my beads don't sell: my pictures are crap. Now, I'm a really skilled photog...I was published when I was in my teens! But mostly due to finances, I've been limited to crap cameras of late. But after my job, for my birthday, I bought said fancy schmancy... and I HATE IT! The learning curve is so steep, I doubt I will ever take good pics with this thing! After farting around with it for over an hour, I went and got the cheap piece of crap camera, shot my pics and just got 'er done!

Anyway, life has had me down of know what's up if you read my other blog. I spent most of last week too depressed to move. This week I hoped to get back on track with this blog, listing beads and doing my dang taxes... except I keep running into the Time Thief!

Monday was spent looking for the battery charger for the new camera... and cleaning in hopes I would find said battery charger. And Dancing with the Stars started... MY best friend's hubby is good friends with one of the pros so...the show is a big deal.  Tuesday - caught up on orders and Mabel was puking... homemade chicken soup and lots of tummy rubs ate my time. And's three o'clock and I've barely made a dent in today's to do list!

So, let's wrap this up with some quick beady highlights:

The Divas are having a customer appreciation sale starting tomorrow! I started mine a "bit" early: 15% off my Etsy (was going to be Artfire...but you can't edit coupons over there.... see... even a sale is a TIME SUCK!)  and 20% off Coupon Code:DivaThanks

As always, my Fans get special discounts. Those are posted in the fan page group.

I'm hoping to start posting some interesting bits while I get my taxes finished... things in my bead bowl, my jewelry collection and even a give away featuring some CHA finds. 

Thank ya'll for hanging in while I've been MIA! And PLEASE keep voting... the giveaways go on...month after month! 

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