Monday, March 28, 2011

Creativity Abounds

One of the reasons I named my business Holly's Folly is... I knew whatever my "folly" was... the name would fit. And yes, I sort of regret putting Beads and Jewelry in the title here but I hoped it would help customers find me.

Since I'm preparing for a mini show and won't have lots of new stuffs to show off... I was hoping to shift gears a little and just talk about creativity. A creative person isn't limited to one area. Creativity is abundant in all areas of life.

Here are just a few ways I've been creative in the last week:

  • I got a shot in my arm and needed to ice it...only I had a dental emergency. It was kind of hard to hold the plastic cup of ice on my arm while in the dentist's chair. When the dental assistant walking me to my exam dropped a mask and went to trash it... a light bulb came on. I slid one ear loop over my bicep and placed the other just below my elbow. I turned the mask to cover my pain area and placed my cup of ice in just the right spot!
  • Running late in the rain for physical therapy, I was miffed to see my seatbelt had been outside of the car door in the rain all night...just what I wanted on a be cold and wet. I reached under my seat and grabbed a plastic baggie and placed it between my lap and the seatbelt. 
  • I'm always hard on my hands and this week managed to split a fingernail halfway down the nail bed! OUCH! I cut a silk teabag apart (saving the grounds in a metal infuser) and trimmed it to fit my nail. I super glued it in place and every day, I give it a coat of clear polish. It would look much nicer if it hadn't been on my "good" hand. But it does the job. It will take a few weeks for the split to reach the place where I can trim it properly. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt. 

And now...It's time for me to get a little creative with something wardrobe! I'm going to the taping of Dancing with the Stars with my BFF and her hubby. Her hubby is a world class long drive golfer and his student and good friend is a pro on the show. So we're going to cheer a friend and his partner on... and I haven't got a thing to wear! OY!

So... what are some ways creativity creeps into your life??? 

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